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On 15th March, 2023 L’ORMA organized a dissemination event. 13 Youth Workers have been present at Biblioteca Villa Braila in Lodi, and had the possibility of discovering the idea, the activities and the output of “BOOST-Boosting Outstanding Omnicompetent Successful Talents” project.

The main focus was on the E-learning Platform, an innovative easy-to use tool, including videos and contents regarding the most important 20 transversal skills educators and Youth workers should improve for their personal and professional development.

Through non-formal education activities, participants had the opportunity to experience the complexity of communication and the importance of approaching the digital world with critical thinking. Teamwork games were organized and the themes of tolerance, respect and valuing diversity were explored in the feedback phase.

All the participants showed a great interest on the activities and contents developed, promising to register to the platform and to share them to other youth workers.

"BOOST-Boosting Outstanding Omnicompetent Successful Talents" is a 24 months strategic partnership, co-funded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and managed in Bulgaria through the Erasmus+ National agency – Human resources development centre, aiming to create new education and personal development for young people in Europe through delivering interactive educational formats and methods based on transversal skills development.